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What are the top 5 - 10 brands to purchase?
12-02-2019, 10:39 AM
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What are the top 5 - 10 brands to purchase?
My 11-year-old son wants to start collecting baseball cards with me

I know that this could be one of the coolest ways we could continue to enjoy sharing a hobby together for my lifetime

Let me tell you my history with baseball cards - When I was in HS I bought and sold cards for over 4 years then I sold all of my cards for just under $10,000.00 when I was in 10th grade - That started Bob's Sports Cards in Lancaster, PA

I was making an average of $300-$800 a week by doing the flea market circuit around Lancaster

You would not believe the number of rookie cards that I have thrown away because I had more than 9 of them that filled a page in my back up books That were not in those hard thick plastic cases that were in my display cases

I sold thousands of the 1960s-70s & early 80's

Sold 100's of Micky Mantle - Aaron - Yaz - Clemente - You name the player I had several from all the years

I would imagen my collection would be worth 100,000.'s to a MILLION if I still had them

Knowing my history

I know the best way to start collecting again is to buy cases

Then top rookie cards from all brands - or at least I think that's the way to start collecting again and having fun with my son

Can anyone suggest any way to start collecting again by selecting the right brands and specifics types within the brands?

My first step was to sign up for this Beckett app

[ In my day we would buy the paper monthly beckets price magazine]

What are the top 5 - 10 brands to purchase?

I can afford to buy boxes or even cases

Please advise

What are the top companies to buy from and any to stay away from?

Thank You

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