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Looking for Obscure Sacramento Kings

RE: Looking for Obscure Sacramento Kings
yes...would be much easier to know what players you still search!
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RE: Looking for Obscure Sacramento Kings
My friends,

Your suggestion is great about listing the exact players and their cards.

However, as in the example above of Ryan Robertson, I didn't know that the player nor the card existed.

I tried to look up the all-time roster for the Sacramento era (only) Kings, and it is a pretty convoluted chart on Wikipedia.

It includes all the players from Cincinnati, Kansas City, etc.

I don't know how to filter it.

I suppose I could Google each roster from 1985 on, but that is 35 years' worth of rosters to look through.

If you guys know of a better place to look or a way to filter the chart, I would appreciate the help.

Small update, I found an all-time roster on the Kings' website, I copied and pasted it and am manually deleting anyone who played before 85-86.

Then I will cross reference it with the Kings singles I have and see if I can whittle it down.

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