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Not all cards are available??

Not all cards are available??
We just moved and I'm trying to organize my baseball card collection to prepare to sell it. Mostly mid-late '90's baseball with some football.

My struggle is that I can't find all of the cards here. If I put them into Google they appear on multiple sites, but not here on Beckett...

The search function seems very literal. If I put a year in the search and I'm off by one year, it returns no results (unlike the internet where it will return what's "close").

So, am I doing something wrong? I haven't priced cards in 20 years, so things have changed quite dramatically!! I'm a little tech savvy and can navigate the internet pretty well....so I don't know if it's me, or if the database isn't complete.

Specifically I'm looking up Derek Jeter cards, so I'd think the database should be more complete than it is. About 25% of what I have doesn't show up when I search.

Any suggestions or ideas of what I can do to make this a bit easier?

Thanks for any help!!


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