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Back after many years off...

Back after many years off...
So I've been out of collecting since the late 1990s...and WOW, this has changed a lot. I started buying some stuff a couple weeks ago and it seems like the big deal these days is auto's, memorabilia and parallels. Anyway, I'm a player fan, I don't really have a team, so I keep piling up cards of players I don't care about.

I saw the post at the top about people with no posts. I've only made a couple. I have mostly been buying Threads, Optic, Status and Donruss. If there are any 2018-19 players you want, I probably have them and some inserts as well. I don't have anything too fancy yet (best was a Donruss Significant Signatures Dennis Rodman). But if there is anyone you particularly want, just let me know and I probably have a few. Especially this years rookies. I'm getting flooded with those.

***Edit...Can any of you veterans give me some advice on how to sell off some of this stuff? I had just assumed I'll sell players I don't want and break about even or just out of pocket a little bit of money. However, eBay has been horrible. Posts would be up for a week with only 5-10 views and no watchers. Is it better to sell on Beckett? Or just make posts in the Trading Forum?


RE: Back after many years off...
Hey, Travis! Welcome back!

Depending on the price range of stuff you're selling, you may want to check out comc.com as one option.

Who are you looking for? Depending on how much you already have of your guys and what sort of trade bait you've got, we may be able to make something happen.

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