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Two Immaculate boxes, one FOTL

Two Immaculate boxes, one FOTL
Busted two Immaculate boxes today, will get pics later.

Box 1
Ed Reed base 54/99
Devin Funchess DJ Moore dual jsy 12/49
Royce Freeman laundry tag patch 4/5
Josh Gordon eye black auto 76/99
Nick Chubb triple mem one football, two jsy auto 8/49
Josh Rosen horizontal RPA 47/99

Box 2 First of the Line
Drew Brees FOTL base 2/14
Courtland Surtton Numbers patch 1/25
Kyle Lauletta Nike Swoosh Glove 14/15
Mike Singletary eye black silver auto 3/25
Adrian Peterson Award Winners auto
James Washington FOTL dusk patch auto 5/12

Gonna bust a full case tomorrow.
Looking for all Kirby Puckett I do not have! Have 805 unique Puckett cards, rest listed as wants.

RE: Two Immaculate boxes, one FOTL
Nice Peterson
[Image: marksig1.jpg]


RE: Two Immaculate boxes, one FOTL
I'm going to need that Ed Reed base. Feel free to send me a trade with what you want. I collect all Ravens, as long as they are in uni, and it's not /5 or rarer, so needless to say, I need a lot of cards, and I'm still adding my childhood PC.
tl;dr: Send me a trade request. I'm still adding my PC, and I know I need that Ed Reed card you pulled.
I will give 4 cents Beckett credit per point for Panini Points, 110% Beckett for ANY Ravens redemptions, 125% Beckett for any in demand player, and 100% Beckett for all other redemptions.
I PC all Ravens cards.
Check out my ebay for the real good stuff, if I ever get any: https://www.ebay.com/usr/dcm7734

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