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2018 RFFG - Week 36 - Final Race

RE: 2018 RFFG - Week 36 - Final Race
Well, how about that?
Looking for:
2012 Total Memorabilia Tony Stewart Melting
TripleĀ 1/1
Quad 1/1
Jumbo 1/1
Hot Rod Relics 1/1

05 Studio Portraits Bob Feller (45/56, 80% complete)

I collect Tony Stewart, Bob Feller, Steve Yzerman, Victor Martinez.


RE: 2018 RFFG - Week 36 - Final Race
Yeah, how about that?! The underdog called his shot AND he didn't have to move anyone to win it. It was a really interesting race throughout. I watched the first 2 stages before work and watched the rest when I got home. Points are done now too.

The final standings will be posted in a new thread!

RE: 2018 RFFG - Week 36 - Final Race
Big three.....pffffttt said Logano. I feel like up until now Joey has been hit or miss throughout his career. It will be interesting if he can continue to build on this. I am not a fan of his but I am glad for Penske. Great organization. Only 90 days until the Daytona 500!
Paul Goldschmidt: 634 Total Cards, 339 Different
Joe Montana: 325 Total Cards, 267 Different
Jerry Rice: 685 Total Cards, 618 Different
Steve Young: 942 Total Cards, 742 Different

RE: 2018 RFFG - Week 36 - Final Race
Congrats to leadmetogreatness for picking Logano and the win. Congrats to Logano and the team for their first Nascar Championship.
I collect Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Kevin Garnett also certain High End Celtics HOF's.

[Image: jordanbird_edited-1.gif]

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