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Basketball Cards For Trade

Basketball Cards For Trade
Working on adding my collection to beckett. Got some commons added and adding more daily. Got game used and autographs added. Working on rookie cards now. I collect every sport so if I got something your interested in let me know. Looking to do some trades. Have my hockey collection already added.

RE: Basketball Cards For Trade
I think I got all my rookies added now. Working on adding regular cards now. Have autos, game used basketball added and have some hockey stuff on here too. I'm looking to do some trades so if I got something your interested in let's do some trades. I collect rookie cards, autos and game used from every sport. Will be adding cards daily and will start working on football rookies as well.

RE: Basketball Cards For Trade
Thanks everyone for the trades so far. I'm not looking for anything special, but would like to acquire some game used cards. I'd like to trade for a Paul George RC in the $10-20 range. Anybody got one they would trade me for the stuff I have on here.

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