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Marketplace has been on point

Marketplace has been on point
I wanted to provide some positive feedback on the marketplace along with some suggestions. Several times now I've found cards at a decent price to help fill set needs. Seems like a good collection of dealers are on here with good options. I do wish the searching was a little more streamlined. I prefer the drill down options of comc and I like the search results from sportslots. I prefer the details and links to card, player, and set information from Beckett.

Give me all the data in a spreadsheet like search result maximizes my ability to process info quickly. Clicking on a specific card would then show the normal info usually presented on this site. I think a lot of people keep Excel spreadsheets of collections and presenting it to us in that fashion would be helpful. Showing more options faster should increase sales for dealers, making them more likely to add inventory and thus more money to Beckett's platform. Win-win-win!

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