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"Race Night at Bowman Gray"

"Race Night at Bowman Gray"
The Discovery Channel is re-hashing the old History Channel show "The Madhouse" about Bowman Gray Stadium races with a new show called "Race Night at Bowman Gray"! It premieres on Monday 10/29 at 10pm EDT. It also re-airs at 2am on the 30th. Check it out if you can. I loved the original Madhouse show and I can't believe a variation of it is returning to TV!

RE: "The Madhouse" is BACK (kinda)
Awesome thanks for the heads up
[Image: marksig1.jpg]


RE: "The Madhouse" is BACK (kinda)
(10-27-2018, 09:44 AM)alstott9adams Wrote: Awesome thanks for the heads up
I'm glad someone else is interested and I'm very happy to LYK in advance. I can't wait to see it. I'm almost surprised my local news team didn't mention that it was coming (or possible). They cover the Bowman Gray Saturday races all season long.

I wish they would also cover the Ace Speedway races, especially since they now also have NASCAR Modified races there. I can actually hear the cars from my house when they are practicing or racing and that's about 7 miles from home.

RE: "The Madhouse" is BACK (kinda)
I finally got to watch the 1st episode tonight (actually this morning). I knew they would focus on the Myers brothers and Tim Brown. But it's nice that they added a couple of other drivers that weren't featured in the "Madhouse" show. I love the specifics that this show is covering before and during the race too! I really liked the scene where they showed a police officer warning drivers and teams about how they would have an eye on the race too! There is a history of things getting out-of-control at this track (whether it was fans OR drivers and their teams).

That was a great 1st episode. Of course it helps that my guy won the race. But I can't wait for Episode #2! You guys should all be watching this show.

RE: "The Madhouse" is BACK (kinda)
Episode 3 gets my local track on the show! Brunnhoelzl practices at Ace Speedway for the 100-lap race that is #3 in the Bowman Gray season. I probably heard him practicing from my house. Ace Speedway is about 7 miles from home by road, but it's all country out here. I can hear the cars practicing or racing on that track from my yard. BG is over an hour drive away, but Ace is only about 10 minutes away. That's cool that the track was mentioned and videoed on the show.

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