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ESPN Fantasy Basketball

ESPN Fantasy Basketball
Update: I am getting together a pretty decent hobby sized prize for first, second or third place. I can not decide. If that were to happen would more people be interested in joining?

Come on yall! Please join.

Ok ok ok....I understand that I am anything but consistent on this site! But this season is almost underway and I would love nothing more to get a little fantasy league together that my wife and I set up.

League Name: Our Boss Think's We're Working (clever right?!)

10 Team League

Snake draft in about a week

Won't you please help this humble horrible fantasy player fill his league?

Let's have a hobby prize or two..or three...or six...haha

What do ya say?!

RE: ESPN Fantasy Basketball
I'm in, pm me the link..

RE: ESPN Fantasy Basketball
(10-06-2018, 09:59 PM)kct1 Wrote: I'm in, pm me the link..
Thank you sir! PM sent.

Would love to get 7 more to join if possible.


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