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Happy Father's Day to the Racing Forum

Happy Father's Day to the Racing Forum
I know that some of you have children and I hope that all of you have a great Father's Day today. I hope they make you all feel loved and special today!

Happy Father's Day to all of the great dads out there!

RE: Happy Father's Day to the Racing Forum
Hey thanks man I hope you had a awesome day also.
I collect Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Kevin Garnett also certain High End Celtics HOF's.

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RE: Happy Father's Day to the Racing Forum
My son is currently in Japan, but he video called me Sunday morning...so, not the same, but it was good to talk to him.
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I collect Tony Stewart, Bob Feller, Steve Yzerman, Victor Martinez.


RE: Happy Father's Day to the Racing Forum
My day was exhausting! I don't have children and my father is not a regular part of my life. My step-father passed in 2001, so the only close "father" I have in my life is my Mother's father. But he is 85 now and he probably doesn't really remember much about Sunday. Personally, I had a ton of work that needed to be done with maintenance of my car, garden and lawn. It's been WAY too wet or hot lately! It's been a non-stop feast-or-famine type of deal here for a month or more. It's been either way too wet to do anything outdoors OR it's way too hot and/or humid to do anything outdoors. I just couldn't put these things off any longer and I still didn't completely knock out my To-Do List. But I got a ton done, even if it wiped me out completely. Big thanks to cold H2O and Gatorade! Wink
I've been swamped at work for the past couple of weeks too and it's going to stay that way all the way until my birthday the 1st weekend of July. It'll continue after that, but long ago I requested off for my 40th birthday on 7/7. My 40th birthday falling on a Saturday was just too coincidental for me to not request the night off from work for the first time in several years. I haven't had a full weekend off from work in at least a few years. My BIG PLAN for that day: do whatever I WANT to do (probably nothing important), drink some beer and watch the Daytona 400 race!!! That's it! No party, no gathering! Just peace and quiet, except for the roar of MENCS engines in the evening. Big Grin

RE: Happy Father's Day to the Racing Forum
Thank you
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