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My High End NASCAR Die Cast for your Stick and Ball Cards

My High End NASCAR Die Cast for your Stick and Ball Cards
I have posted in my organize some higher end NASCAR Die Cast , primarily Dale Jr. Dale Sr, and Tony Stewart cars. I will list some others as well. They are mostly RCCA Elite high end series from the early 2000's ...

Take a look and I am trading for things in my preferences and want list that are primarily stick and ball cards. Some specifics on things I am looking for

1962 Topps Baseball cards my organize is updated EX-Mt and higher only cards

Earl Campbell Cards of all types, especially Memorabilia and AU

Marcus Mariota Higher end cards, especially RC and AU/Mem

Adrian Beltre RC Cards (Topps Chrome)

andy many other things.

I also have over 300 NASCAR Trading Cards in my portfolio as well that I am trading. Take a look and make me an offer.

I have pictures of all the diecast if things get serious and I may try to link Photobucket pics of them all here depending on interest. Know this all of the cars are in immaculate condition with original boxes, packaging, etc.



I should also mention 2 more things

I will be uploading more cars to trade a lot of 1:64 size

also my organize is pretty well updated on wants, so be sure to query it, and I am continually adding to it

RE: My High End NASCAR Die Cast for your Stick and Ball Cards
Keep in mind that anyone without an ORG or OPG subscription can't see what you have available and also can't use the Trade feature. Just letting you know that. Everyone can use the Forums, but you have to pay to use those 3 features.

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