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Exquisite Ben Simmons

Exquisite Ben Simmons
I'm a 15 year member with Beckett. Usually a hockey guy, but need to get on the BB board. I managed to hit the lottery with this year's Goodwin product & epack pulled the Simmons Exquisite auto. It's now back @ COMC from BGS with a 9.5 grade. That's the good news (or great for that matter). Now the problem. I have it listed on COMC, but it gets little traffic & any prospective buyers require funds in their account in order to cover any offers (with no communication available between buyer & seller). I considered shipping it home & listing on Ebay, but that is pointless because as a small time personal seller, they absolutely will not increase my selling limits high enough to list it at a price competitive with the other 2 listed. Not impressed to say the least.

Basically throwing it out there, if there is anyone seriously interested in this item, send me a PM. I have it added to my org as for sale.

RE: Exquisite Ben Simmons
Comc lists it on ebay and amazon now. But you are correct with not being able to talk between buyer and seller its hard to move cards if you wanted to lower prices for a person. Awesome card congrats on the hit!
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RE: Exquisite Ben Simmons
PM sent, thank you!

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