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2017 RFFG - Week 36 - Final Race
11-19-2017, 07:33 PM
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RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 36 - Final Race
Well, nobody is all that surprised, right?

Pretty sweet to have all four championship drivers finish in the top ten, and to be First, Second, and Fourth...nice.

I wanted it to end a different way, but those Toyotas were way good...0.681 between first and second to finish it? Wow!

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11-19-2017, 09:56 PM
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RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 36 - Final Race
Congrats to Lead and Truex!

I agree, I am not surprised. He was the class of the field all year. I do wonder if the 18 team wishes they had pitted with everyone else. It seems to me that the 18 was the fastest car at that point. (He was the leader.) If the other three pit why not pit with them? You are just trying to stay ahead of them. I think even if the caution came out (like it did) at least you would have been either 1st or 2nd. Instead the caution came out and they were farther back and had to battle back. To me, that was the difference in the championship. I also think Larson is a class act. He was the fastest car and would have won if he had not decided to back off and let them fight it out. I like him a lot.

Great season! I really want to thank Adam for putting this all together and keeping it organized. Really looking forward to next year!

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11-19-2017, 11:18 PM
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RE: 2017 RFFG - Week 36 - Final Race
I am going to post the final standings in a new thread. Only 8th and 9th swapped places.

I really thought Kyle would catch Martin, but once he got to 0.3 seconds back he couldn't get any closer. That WAS a smart move by Larson to stay behind those guys. Sure, he could've won the race. But he also could've passed them both and then hit the wall and took them both out. And he DID hit the wall twice in the final laps! It was another mostly boring race until the final 60-70 laps. I really wanted Busch to win, but I'm happy for Truex. He earned it all season and throughout the final race.
I just barely got to finish the race! As soon as Truex got out of the car after the burnout, I jumped in the shower and left. At least it was a very short night of work.

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