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How to correct corrupt OPG listing?

How to correct corrupt OPG listing?
I have been very frustrated for over a year trying to get Beckett to correct the 1997 Score baseball Reserve Collection parallels listing. Reading the set Info on that OPG page I find: "Randomly inserted in second series hobby reserve packs only at a rate of one in 11, this set is parallel to the regular second series set. The cards are printed on thick 20 pt. foil card stock with screen printing for a raised ink effect. A large grey "Reserve Collection" logo is printed on each card back." This information is correct but many of the photos provided are not correct. Plus, the numbering system is incorrect, it should be listed as an HR card. There are a few cards with the correct photos on the site (#s 382, 383, 402, 406, 433. 436, 447, 479 & 483). Checking the backs of these cards, You will see them numbered correctly. The pricing I find would be fine for the correct version of the Reserve Collection cards but not for the cards with just the base card numbering.

I have email Brian Fleisher(sp?) twice and reported this to Customer Service many times, as this is what this site suggested I do.

My feeling is that there should be a separate listing for the 1997 Score second series similar to the Premium Stock that were issued in series one. They card fronts are the same as the Hobby Reserve cards without the HR listing on the back.

Sorry for such a long note, but it would be nice to get the listing corrected so customers can correctly list cards in their collections. Thanks to anyone that can help make this happen.

Happy collecting and trading all,
Ora Cropley (orainpa)

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