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Any helpful suggestion is appreciated.

Any helpful suggestion is appreciated.
Made a significant trade (hundreds of cards each way) a few months ago with a longtime member (15 years on the site). It was my first trade with him although when I researched some of his previous trades and he received positive feedback from multiple partners who I had dealt with previously so it made me comfortable in making a large trade with him. Long story short, I sent and he received my cards, and then he seemed to disappear. No longer on this site, so not responding to any message from me as to status of my cards. I figured my only choice would be to send him a letter and make an appeal that way, hoping first of all that he was in good health to say the least. Well my letter is returned by the PO as "Attempted- Not Known, Unable to Forward". I am stumped. I know, buyer beware and this happens from time to time, but am I missing an obvious avenue to try and rectify this? Thanks for any help you can offer.

RE: Any helpful suggestion is appreciated.
send me a PM with address and username

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