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My Jhonas Enroth PC

RE: My Jhonas Enroth PC
Updating this thread with a card that I didn't even know existed.

In 2007-2008, SHL team Södertälje SK collaborated with Maxi ICA Stormarknad, a popular Swedish supermarket chain to release these 4" x 3" oversized cards at the local supermarket in Södertälje, Sweden. The original owner of these card also had this copy autographed. Very cool!

[Image: 2007-08-sodertalje-sk-shl-swedish-team-i...2_orig.jpg]

RE: My Jhonas Enroth PC
2022 couldn't have started any better for this collection, as I was able to meet Jhonas in-person on my vacation in Sweden.

We met up and walked around the city of Orebro to see the castle which is located at the heart of the city before sitting down at a local cafe he favourites. He was super down to earth and a really cool guy. Thanks again, Jho!

[Image: meeting-jhonas-enroth-picture-with-jhona..._orig.jpeg]

I had him sign a few cards for my collection, too!

[Image: jhonas-enroth-07-08-the-card-cabinet-shl...y_orig.jpg][Image: jhonas-enroth-08-09-itg-btp-base-card-si...y_orig.jpg][Image: jhonas-enroth-09-10-ud-young-guns-autogr...y_orig.jpg][Image: jhonas-enroth-13-14-allsvenskan-lockout-...y_orig.jpg][Image: jhonas-enroth-16-17-ud-series-2-toronto-...y_orig.jpg][Image: jhonas-enroth-19-20-khl-dinamo-minsk-bas...y_orig.jpg]

RE: My Jhonas Enroth PC
Updated the collection with a Swedish playing card!

The 'Fair Play & Respekt' Swedish Playing Card set was developed by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association (Svenska Ishockeyförbundet) through their youth academy program to help young players learn about the game of hockey, promote fair play, and grow the sport in Sweden.

Each playing card in this 52-card deck displays a unique Q&A and features numerous players from the Men’s & Women’s National Team over the years.

These were provided directly through the association and they were also available to be developed independently as well by teams, organizations, etc. I know another set of these playing cards was released in 2006, and this newer set to include more players was designed around 2015 I believe.

[Image: fair-play-respekt-swedish-ice-hockey-fed...d_orig.jpg]

RE: My Jhonas Enroth PC
I don't normally showcase duplicates, but I received a very cool package that contained another High Gloss Young Guns! So awesome! What a great random act of kindness!

[Image: 2009-10-upper-deck-young-guns-high-gloss...s_orig.jpg]

RE: My Jhonas Enroth PC
Another oddball piece added to the collection today after picking up a 2009-10 ITG Between The Pipes Promo Sheet!

09-10 ITG BTP Future Stars GoalieGraph - Promo Sheet Card

[Image: 09-10-itg-between-the-pipes-goaliegraph-...y_orig.jpg]

Here's a look at what the full sheet looks like:

[Image: 2009-10-itg-between-the-pipes-promo-shee...y_orig.jpg]

RE: My Jhonas Enroth PC
Success! After a quick search, I have located the other ITG Between The Pipes Promo Card Sheet from 2010-11. Another one of my favourite products which also depicts a Enroth card from the product.

2010-11 ITG Between The Pipes Future Stars Authentic GoalieGraph (Promo Sheet Card)

[Image: 2010-11-itg-between-the-pipes-promo-shee...h_orig.jpg]

Full Sheet:

[Image: 2010-11-itg-between-the-pipes-promo-shee...y_orig.jpg][Image: 2010-11-itg-between-the-pipes-promo-shee...y_orig.jpg]

RE: My Jhonas Enroth PC
Updated the collection this week with my 61st 1/1 card! With the help of a few generous people pointing me in the direction of this card, along with a good buddy of mine helping me land it, this is one of the coolest patch pieces in my entire collection.

2013-14 ITG Between The Pipes One Of A Kind 1/1

[Image: 2013-2014-itg-betweenthe-pipes-one-of-a-..._orig.jpeg]

This patch is from the front crest of the Buffalo Sabres' 40th Anniversary alternate jersey that the Sabres wore from 2010-2012.

[Image: portland-enroth_orig.jpg]
[Image: enroth-throwback-sabres_orig.jpg]

RE: My Jhonas Enroth PC
Updated the collection today with another autographed card!

2010-11 Score 20th Anniversary parallel - Autographed

[Image: 2010-11-score-20th-anniversary-base-para...y_orig.gif]

RE: My Jhonas Enroth PC
I’ve started a new autograph subset in my collection called “The Builders Category”.

This project will include Enroth cards autographed by the people who helped bring the card to life. It will feature various people within the industry who played key roles in creating the card they will have signed.

The first addition to this project is none other than former ITG President, Dr. Brian Price. For those who don’t know, Brian founded In The Game (ITG) in 1998, creating his own line of various trading card products until 2014, when the ITG brand and assets were sold to Leaf Trading Cards. Brian continues to work under his new company, President’s Choice Trading Cards.

I had Brian sign a copy of Enroth’s 2008-09 ITG Between The Pipes base card. This was Enroth’s first North American hockey card after coming over from Sweden to join the Portland Pirates in the American Hockey League in 2008.

[Image: 08-09-itg-btp-base-jhonas-enroth-signed-...y_orig.jpg]

RE: My Jhonas Enroth PC
I added another card to The Builders Category autograph project today with this 2016-17 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Enroth card signed by Upper Deck's Product Manager/Builder, Billy Celio. Since Billy built UD's O-Pee-Chee flagship product that year, I had him sign this base card for my collection. 

[Image: 16-17-upper-deck-opc-jhonas-enroth-base-...c_orig.jpg]

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