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Help with org

Help with org
I wanted to restart my organize from scratch but it won't let me delete my "All Items" folder. Is there way I can clear this or at least remove all my cards marked for trade without having to do it manually?
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RE: Help with org
Go to each collection send change you layout (max 500 cards) the click the little box on top where it marks every card with a check mark and then send to trash.

Or in all Items folder click the little box where it check marks all the boxes and that page then move to trash.

then click the box again to delete the items in you trash folder, once deleted you cannot get them back unless you go to the search function again and add them

Or as the same as above but instead of deleting the cards go to trade quantity box and place a (0) and it will change the quantity to zero but it will only do 500 cards at a time so you may have to do the same step for as many pages you have

Hope this helps

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