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Looking for trades

Looking for trades
It's been a while since I posted a thread.
Looking to finish off some sets.
I've added a few thousand cards last week and will add more next week.

RE: Looking for trades
check me
Seattle Mariners super collector
I also collect some Braves players

Top wants
1 Kyle Seager            476 different cards
2 Ken Griffey, Jr.        990 different cards
3 Felix Hernandez      743 different cards
4 Hank Aaron            330 different cards
5 Edgar Martinez        498 different cards

RE: Looking for trades
What sets are you working on?
[Image: u0vgF6d.jpg]
Collecting Detroit Tigers, HOFers, Nolan Ryan, Will Clark and Juan Soto

**If you are not able use one penny sleeve per card when shipping your trades do not bother sending me any trade offers.**


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