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Help You Get Rid of Some Cards?

Help You Get Rid of Some Cards?
I'm into a project that's allowing me to get rid of some of my 'named' players cards that might not normally make it into my collection.

For example - I have a large number (70) 1987 Topps Ripken. Books at .75 so not really part of my collection. A dealer (thru Beckett) lists have 177 of these, but wants to sell them at 50% book...not worth it at that price. Looking for deals, that work for me, and can help you clear out some of your stuff.

Looking to see if anyone has any good players, but lower priced cards (they all see to have some) - and not just Collector's Choice. Looking for 20 or more, of the same card, in NM-MT condition

I currently only have my Football organized, and shared in Org, but none marked trade. I prefer to trade but will certainly be interested to hear your offers.

Funds may be limited for a lot of bulk purchases, at this time. But assuming this project continues I will get back to all of you.

Again, looking for named players: (Doesn't need to be limited to this list, but you get the idea on who I might be looking for)

Ruth (Choice inserts work here)

Thanks, folks

RE: Help You Get Rid of Some Cards?
Are you looking for just baseball or other sports i.e. Basketball?
Selling my org out

RE: Help You Get Rid of Some Cards?
I'll admit my basketball knowledge is pretty limited, at the moment, but I would consider. Let me know what you have.

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