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1st Round NFL Draft

RE: 1st Round NFL Draft
based upon the pre-draft products I'm feeling pretty good. The best pulls I had pre-draft were two (now three thanks to a Score Artist Proof Auto) Mahomes autos and 1 Watson - and both went to good landing spots

While Mahomes in K.C. doesn't offer a lot of immediate value since he's going to be on the bench learning, the long term prospects there are quite good.

Watson offers more immediate value in Houston - although since I collect Clemson players, the one I got isn't unless I sell off my entire collection. Was good to pull one (Contenders Draft Cracked Ice!) because otherwise there was no way I'd get one at the price they are going for.

I haven't gotten anything other than base for who the Eagles drafted in the first round - I had gotten three autos from the Eagles second round draft pick Sidney Jones (including a Contenders Draft Bowl Ticket) which is always cool.

RE: 1st Round NFL Draft
I'm in complete sadness over the draft. Bears have a lack of talent all over the team and they burn picks to trade up for a QB who badly needs seasoning then spends 3 other picks on non-FBS players. That's a luxury for a well maintained playoff team not a team struggling to put a decent team on the field.

RE: 1st Round NFL Draft
As a Lions fan, after years of drafting big name players and not having them pan out, I have a new philosophy ... if the guy we pick is better than the guy we already have at his position, then I'm a fan.

So Jarrad Davis (LB) and Teez Tabor (CB), come on down!

Plus, I was glad to see they picked up Brad Kaaya (QB) late ... not that Stafford is old yet by any means, but having Dan Orlovsky as your backup plan hasn't really panned out in prior years, so I'm glad they at least addressed it.

RE: 1st Round NFL Draft
As a Michigan State fan living in Chicagoland, I have to say the whole weekend was a bit of a bummer.

Malik McDowell slipped to the second round where he was previously a solid first round pick. I think the Seahawks got good value with the pick but apparently everyone else has written him off including Spartan homers. Montae Nicholson was the only other MSU player taken after putting up great numbers at the combine. Many others expected to be invited to training camps. I'm sure a few will get signed but not much draft glory this year.

The Bears made a bunch of questionable moves that I'm not sold on at all. It looks like another "rebuilding" year in Chicago. Hopefully they are at least competitive. I'm also bummed that they selected a RB and TE because they have 2 former Spartans in those positions now. I would be sad to see Jeremy Langford and Dion Sims sent packing but that's how it works.

RE: 1st Round NFL Draft
(05-02-2017, 04:37 PM)lillychr14 Wrote: I would be sad to see Jeremy Langford and Dion Sims sent packing but that's how it works.
My guess is that with Langford getting drafted in 2015, they'll have him until his contact is done in 2018. Ka'Deem Carey was drafted in 2014 and since he's a "previous regime" guy they'd let him walk at the end of this year.

RE: 1st Round NFL Draft
I will say this about Trubisky, and this is coming from a Lions fan ... I actually feel bad for the guy as far as all the criticism, and actually feel bad for the Bears as well.

Because, the assumption is, he sucks. Or, to be nice about it, "needs some seasoning" or "is not ready to start."

But, what if he beats out Glennon (or Glennon gets hurt) and Trubisky lights it up?

Then, the story is going to be, man, I can't believe that Cleveland and San Francisco both needed QBs and passed on this guy!

Point being, I think it's waaaaay too early to say it was a good pick or a bad pick.

I mean, think about it ... no offense, Bears fans, but to the rest of the collecting world, the Bears have never had a QB that non-Bears fans give two craps about.

Part of that is, they rarely draft a QB in the first round (other than Harbaugh or McNown, I can't really think of any recent ones), so maybe this time around they're on to something.

I just hope that any Bears fan that is ripping this kid before he even plays a down will stay off the bandwagon if he ends up being a franchise QB.

But, you know they won't.


RE: 1st Round NFL Draft
My Spartan fandom is top priority so I want to see Langford in the best position he can be in. It helps the MSU football program to have him starting or playing a lot. Having him close by has been cool. I met him at a Panini event and got an In Person Auto.

I watch a lot of college football and UNC had a weak finish in 2016. They were 3rd in the ACC coastal which is one of the weakest divisions in the Power 5. I knew Trubisky was one of the prospects but never saw anything that indicated he was a #2 overall. I'll root for him either way but I'm not about to start a PC of him.

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