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Need help re: 1993 Playoff Promo set

Need help re: 1993 Playoff Promo set
Hey all,

I'm new here and looking for some help figuring out how to determine which set this is. It's a 6-card promo set for Playoff. The back of the cards say 1992, but the cover card says 1993. The thing that's interesting is the Emmitt Smith card #5. I can't seem to find it anywhere online or the Beckett marketplace. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Card 1: Calvin Williams, 2: John Elway, 3Big Grinalton Hilliard, 4: Steve Young, 5: Emmitt Smith, 6: Mike Golic. IF I figure out how to post a picture I will. Thanks.
I found a point of reference. If you Google 1993 Playoff Preview Promo Sheet, you'll see a poster. The cards shown on that poster are what I have. Any info anyone can provide would be appreciated, as the Emmitt Smith and Steve Young look different than all the ones I've seen on the Web for this promo set.

RE: Need help re: 1993 Playoff Promo set
Beckett lists them as 1992 Playoff Promos. Here is the listing in Beckett:

Here is a picture showing the Elway card:
[Image: John-Elway.jpg?id=6daaf788-cad7-4c7f-a43...e=original]
[Image: John-Elway.jpg?id=6daaf788-cad7-4c7f-a43...&side=back]
Note, the picture of the Emmitt card in Beckett's database is incorrect. This is due to the fact that Beckett allowed people to upload pictures without double checking to make sure the pictures they uploaded were truly the correct card.
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RE: Need help re: 1993 Playoff Promo set
Thanks so much for the clarification. That makes sense.

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