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Your purpose for collecting?

RE: Your purpose for collecting?
My answer to this has changed through the years, but I think I've finally figured out that I like finding an unexpected decent card. For example, last night I'm flipping through some commons, culling them for potential semi-stars, and come across a pristine Pete Rose insert with a nice bv. That made my evening. Smile (He's a baseball player for anyone who only knows football Tongue)

I suppose it really began as an investment. I do a little with new boxes, or blasters, etc, even some eBay, but most of my purchases are private sales. And not necessarily complete collections. Not considering new boxes/blasters, I am always looking to pay less than 10% book. I figure that with a little patience, most cards can be sold at 10-15% on eBay. So at 10% I should be close to breaking even if I need to sell.

RE: Your purpose for collecting?
Another great night. Flipping through a box of commons, from my most recent collection purchase, and pulled 3 Jeter rookies.

RE: Your purpose for collecting?
(04-19-2017, 07:03 PM)tigerbalm2000 Wrote: I'm curious what's everyone's true purpose for collecting cards? Is it purely for fun, or for investment?

For instance, is the real thrill of pulling a 1/1 Zeke card the fact that it could probably sell for $2K on ebay?

Or maybe you collect Tom Brady cards for fun today, but do you fully intend to make a profit on them some time down the road?
Just for fun. Have never sold a card
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