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eBay advice

eBay advice
So there's a seller on eBay that seems to ha e a lot of 1/1's Nfl logo patches. Just wondering what your guys rule of thumb on this is in trying to figure out if it's legit. I looked at his feedback he has a few negative one but having to do with mainly packaging issues. But all of the prices seem alittle low a 2014 dual rookie of Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham 1/1 dual NFL logo patch is 200 buy it now.

RE: eBay advice
It is rare, but I have heard of some people putting in a different patch just so they can sell a card for more. There isn't much you can do except look and the feedback for any negatives. Also, you can maybe research the card set to get an idea of how the cards looked straight from the manufacturer. I know Panini publishes some photos right before releasing a product. Hope this helps.
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RE: eBay advice
What larry said. I believe there is the same question about a Rodgers/Smith 2005 Ultimate auto/shield card. I forget the issues people saw, but theres a few people who will replace patches in cards, even 1/1s if the patch is one colored or something. Sometimes, these cards have sold before, so search the "sold" listings on ebay. If you are on any forums (like here) you could post a picture, and maybe someone will see it and be able to tell you that it's fake or real. That all being said, those prices you mentioned could be dropping...OBJ has some drug issues he'll have to answer for (AFTER the playoffs of course, can't hurt those ratings!), and Landry got tagged as a dirty player at times this season. Any suspensions might drop the price. Oh, you could also try tweeting a picture to panini, or topps, etc and ask if its legit. They may reply!
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