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"Make Offer" on the Beckett Marketplace

"Make Offer" on the Beckett Marketplace
The Beckett Marketplace is proud to announce the launch of it's "MAKE OFFER" feature. With select dealers on the Beckett Marketplace, you can make an offer on your entire shopping cart!

If your offer is auto-accepted, you are asked to check out at that time and you can sit back and await the arrival of your newly ordered cards/collectibles.

Dealers currently participating in the all new "MAKE OFFER" program include:

1,000,000 Baseball Cards
2Bros Sports Collectibles LLC
AVZEN Sports
Big Mac Sportscards
Birmingham Sports Cards
Burbank Sportscards
Card Gallery
Diamond Cards
Diamonds in the Rough
DJ Sports Cards
Duanes Sportscards
Electric Fastball
Evolution Sports Marketing/Never Enough Cards, Inc.
Jammin JD Sports Cards
Mojo Sportscards
Rich 'N Deals
Rookie Card Empire
Three Stars Sportscards
Triple I Sportscards Inc
Triple Play Sports Cards
USA Card Center

We hope you enjoy this new feature!

Happy Holidays!
Team Beckett
Bill S.
"32-years in the Hobby"
Collector of all "Sutherland" cards!

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