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16 Optic, Finest, Ginter Trades

16 Optic, Finest, Ginter Trades
Looking to complete a rainbow base set of Optic since there are so many freaking colors and parallels - I have all dupes, needs, and hits up in my Org if anyone is moving this.

Also, building Finest Purple and Ginter. Tons of dupes of Ginter to trade that I'm working on and I want to move all minis. Have at it guys, thanks

RE: 16 Optic, Finest, Ginter Trades
Anyone building Optic? Picked up a bunch of Holo to complete set, will have a lot to move. Tough set to build.

RE: 16 Optic, Finest, Ginter Trades
shoot me a pm of needs for ginter. i will open a trade but have not uploaded any ginter for trade
collect:pujols, trout,Salvador Perez,Jeter (rcs)

shipping: please have the respect of packaging the cards were they will not get damged. shipping cards in between toploaders when they are higher end cards is not acceptable. i will not ship cards like that to you so please do not ship them to me like that.

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