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Few things for trade --scans

Few things for trade --scans
Let me know if interested. I'll check your org

[Image: 073d60bd0efbd46c77a9432895a4e5ab_zps3ixg1xlp.jpg]

[Image: e7ff921e3e6200b434472b4d340d1102_zpsh8kxl6vz.jpg]

[Image: f15f0f7a5f30028df609db83496bafbe_zps2wlp5tot.jpg]

[Image: 7bf412fa967f26ce640e9818e1b7bf87_zpssnzm8dwi.jpg]

[Image: c6e6e7bc0f56de49a72cd34ffc9b30b3_zpsjxepm0gh.jpg]

[Image: b7b21da661b05901bf4c30fe38f2a2c2_zpsaymhnuaw.jpg]

RE: Few things for trade --scans
I would be interested in the Turner auto and Davis patch.
Here is my Photobucket library:
Collecting most Top 100 Prospects and AMAZING patch cards

RE: Few things for trade --scans
I might be interested in the Wilhelm
Courtney Hawkins Supercollector
Always looking for ones we need!
58 cards needed for 1 of each unique card made! (Non 1/1's)

RE: Few things for trade --scans
Hoping you can find something for the Kaline....

RE: Few things for trade --scans
Interested in the Piscotty Davis. Lmk. Thanks

RE: Few things for trade --scans
Those are some nice cards that you have Smile
Looking for 2011-2016 Gypsy Queen Mini's. Please check my want list. Also, must send FIRST!

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