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PayPal Shipping boken?

PayPal Shipping boken?
Looking to ship trades and it appears that the PayPal shipping portal has been taken down or changed. Does anyone have the new link or information about this change?

If not in the correct forum, please move.
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RE: PayPal Shipping boken?
Try https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/shipping-center

If you have issues finding the multi-ship after signing in try the link again and you should be logged in. Paypal is sometimes a pain when they change their links or difficult to find the multi-ship function. Hopefully this works for you.
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RE: PayPal Shipping boken?
I had the same issue last Friday, but It was fixed on Saturday, so who knows what's going on??

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RE: PayPal Shipping boken?
Hit and miss Tues...but eventually got it all done..

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