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Some Random Stuff For Trade

Some Random Stuff For Trade
Trying to clear out my For Trade/Sale box to bide my time and make some room for some cases that I pre-ordered that will be coming in the next few months. I'm looking for anything I can use PC wise or as better trade bait. Open offers work best, and no trade is too small or big, only thing is if the trade is around $15 or less I ship in PWE. Thanks for looking

Sandberg /25
Strawberry Dodger Uni /5
Strawberry Mets Uni /100
Davis /487
[Image: 0044B7F0-3604-4A4B-857F-DA4AF33C8C7E.jpg]

Cone Tribute /20
[Image: B069AE75-1A19-49A1-97C1-A68BA2D35533.jpg]

[Image: 4F2FEC85-2670-4BBC-AD53-7D976A415AC3.jpg]

[Image: D0FE242E-E59B-45FB-9CBF-27E26A2241D9.jpg]

Eckersley /25
[Image: C89DA23B-0A11-4F7F-B2CD-45FFB781D869.jpg]

Griffey /50
[Image: A7AC7991-64B1-496E-AA15-A7A69686DAF4.jpg]
[Image: Kzea5ph.png]

"Avoid the Clap" - Jimmy Dugan

RE: Some Random Stuff For Trade
Trade offer sent. Thanks!

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