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Any James Bond Collectors?

Any James Bond Collectors?
I bought a month subscription of non-sport so my trade tools are active for the time being. I have 40 or so lower end 40th Ann. Style Autographs that I'm looking to trade for lower end Full Bleed Autographs that I'm missing. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll take the time to load them. I also have some various relics for trade as well.

RE: Any James Bond Collectors?
No one here collects Bond cards? Man this place is dead....

RE: Any James Bond Collectors?
Lol, I guess I won't be re-subscribing. There is absolutely no traffic in these non-sport forums...

RE: Any James Bond Collectors?
Sadly, You won't have much answers through this board for non sport cards.
I had the same dissapointment ith mars attacks cards.
French RedSox Fan & Baseball cards collectors.
Sketch card fan.
Last Packs opened:
2 boxes of mars attacks: the revenge => 1 artist auto, 1 medallion & 2 silvers.

Next Packs:
nothing in sight

People I dealt with: card_fiend2013 ; rack85


RE: Any James Bond Collectors?
hi - there isn't much traffic. I don't have anything to trade (from Bond), but will pick up cheap auto's since i love the books/movies. If i have anything you want let me know
Royals Super Collector; PC's of Paul Splittorff, George Brett, Mike Sweeney

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