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Buying Steph Curry RCs?

Buying Steph Curry RCs?
I have been collecting cards for 20 years but have been somewhat of an off and on collector...not surprisingly, I have seen Stephen Curry's rookie cards skyrocket in the past year. However, looking at eBay prices, I have seen that the prices have tailed off a bit (specifically referring to the Topps RC) since the Warriors set the wins record. Currently I see BGS 9 ones going in the $300-350 range and BGS 8.5s for $200-250. I am a believer that he will likely win another MVP or 2 and lead the Warriors to future titles, but I am curious whether this would be the right time to buy, considering he's at the peak of his popularity.

RE: Buying Steph Curry RCs?
I wouldn't touch those cards right now. At the beginning of the season his Topps RC was going for under $10. Considering Curry won the MVP and championship last year, that should tell you something. There has been a huge influx of people who think they need to "invest" in Curry rookies and the Topps RC has been their rookie of choice. If you want a short term investment then it could be worthwhile if he wins the Championship this year then you could sell during the final game to maximize a return. However if you are wanting to hold for the long term just wait a few months after the finals and his cards will cool off quite a bit more. Honestly if I was looking to invest in Curry rookies, I would look around at some of his other ones that are nicer/rarer but not selling for as much as the Topps rookie.
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RE: Buying Steph Curry RCs?
I find it so funny that his Topps RCs are the ones to get hobby love and not Curry's PANINI Prestige RCs that have him in a Warriors uniform.

Is it really because it was the last season Topps made basketball cards?

What if Curry was drafted the following year (2010-11)? He wouldn't have had a Topps rookie card. Then would his hypothetical 2010-11 Panini Prestige rookie cards get the same hobby love as his 2009-10 Topps rookie cards?
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RE: Buying Steph Curry RCs?
If you don't own the cards now, you missed the profitable boat,
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RE: Buying Steph Curry RCs?
LMAO, I have 4 of his Topps RCs stashed away in a closet somewhere a little over a year ago because they weren't really worth anything. I guess this will give me something to do this weekend...

RE: Buying Steph Curry RCs?
The more I thought about it, the more I realized money would be better spent on a high-end rookie of a younger, talented player on an up-and-coming team (Karl-Anthony Towns comes to mind first), rather than Curry who really can't get any more popular than he is already.

RE: Buying Steph Curry RCs?
Never but when the player is red hot. He will remain hot especially if they win again. Supply and demand will also cool the card off. Since he started selling so high the amount of his rookies listed on eBay have doubled. His card increased way too much too fast. They won't stay like that. I have been collecting since the late 70's (yes I'm that old lol) and this pattern have been the same. In a year or two you will buy his cheaper more common rookies for half of what they sell for now, rare low number stuff usual remain popular and high.
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