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advice on Kobe card

advice on Kobe card

planning on or want purchase Kobe finest, made offer to 2 different seller

one for 4000 and 2600 both decline, are these cards that rare?
thought they were good offers................



RE: advice on Kobe card
those are /74, they go for crazy good money.

$2600 feels a bit low for the Kobe, I would've thought $4k would get it though. I just looked up completed sales and one did sell for $2600 on the nose, so yeah, that seller is just holding out for something stupid.

I've seen one Mitch Richmond come up raw, not even graded, and even it sold for like $270, if that gives you an idea. Seems like about a $3k card to me. Good luck!
I collect Michael Jordan, Mitch Richmond, and Ohio State players (football and basketball) in OSU gear. I strongly prefer 90's-era cards and use newer cards primarily for trade bait!

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RE: advice on Kobe card
thanks one seller is selling for 2850 so might go that route


RE: advice on Kobe card
Kobe cards always carry a crazy premium, and that can really depend on who's selling them.
I appreciate Chicago players that begin competing within the city's sports organizations and stay with these teams throughout their careers.

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