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BGS Order Came Back

BGS Order Came Back
Hey all,

I just received my BGS order back. Overall I'm pretty happy with the grades. It seems like Inception is a killer trying to pull anything over a 9 but those are the breaks I guess. I have been picking up 9.5+ grades on Ebay and replacing them as I can for my registry.

I pulled the Rodgers card from two single packs I purchased at the LCS two days before I mailed the BGS order. Really happy with the grade on that one.

And for those that don't collect basketball, I had a bunch of stuff sitting in the garage and came across these Curry cards and with what they are selling for now, no better time to grade them and unload them. Found the Blake at the same time and thought WTH. Wish they had pulled 9.5 but for sitting in boxes in the garage for six years, not too bad Smile

Picked up the two Bowman's Best Benintendi cards in a group break when the stuff first came out. 2 Benintendi autos for less than $30 not too bad either.

Hope you all enjoy the look and comments welcome as always.

[Image: Kang%201.jpg]

[Image: Schwarber%201.jpg]

[Image: Conforto%201.jpg]

[Image: Benintendi%201.jpg]
Short printed to 99 copies

[Image: Benintendi%203.jpg]

[Image: Benintendi%202.jpg]
Short print to /15

[Image: Benintendi%204.jpg]
This one will be going towards my registry

[Image: Benintendi%205.jpg]
This one will be FT

[Image: Rodgers%201.jpg]
Not a bad pack pull for $12.00 (jumbo pack)

[Image: Curry%203.jpg]

[Image: Curry%202.jpg]

[Image: Curry%201.jpg]

[Image: Curry%208.jpg]

[Image: Curry%207.jpg]

[Image: Curry%206.jpg]

[Image: Curry%205.jpg]
Short printed to /249

[Image: Curry%204.jpg]
Short printed to /499

[Image: Blake%201.jpg]
Short printed to /499

All of the basketball will end up on the Bay tomorrow. Just thought I would share before letting them go.

RE: BGS Order Came Back
Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the read and pics. Good luck on your sales. I'm waiting for my LCS to get back my BGS order too. All Curry stuff I'm thinking to sell.
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RE: BGS Order Came Back
Nice triple auto
[Image: marksig1.jpg]


RE: BGS Order Came Back
Thanks for sharing, and I hope they already sold for you.
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