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2016 Donruss

2016 Donruss
I have loaded all of my 2016 Donruss Items in Org and need some trades. I have most of my base cards, still need a few. I am looking for some team inserts. Take a look and if you see something you like let me know. i will try to get some photos loaded soon.

RE: 2016 Donruss
You have a bunch of 2016 Donruss base cards we need. All of our Donruss inserts are listed so, if we have any that you need, I'm sure we could work something out. Thanks!
Collecting Robin Yount, Brewers Topps parallels, Brewers autos and Jonathan Lucroy in a Brewers uni.

Lucroy Brewers Collection : 589/596 non 1/1's (98.8%) and 65 1/1's

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