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Lets Trade!!

Lets Trade!!
Hey whats up all!! Happy Sunday. Just a sample of cards that i have for trade. Looking for Harper, Trout, Correa, and Bryant autos in return. All is loaded plus many more. Thanks for looking.
[Image: Scan0482_zpsqzuneelk.jpg]

RE: Lets Trade!!
havent heard from you about our trade
collect:pujols, trout,Salvador Perez,Jeter (rcs)

shipping: please have the respect of packaging the cards were they will not get damged. shipping cards in between toploaders when they are higher end cards is not acceptable. i will not ship cards like that to you so please do not ship them to me like that.

RE: Lets Trade!!
(01-31-2016, 02:30 PM)908 Wrote: havent heard from you about our trade
Yeah still mulling it over. Just got back in town.

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