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Looking to Trade

Looking to Trade
I've spent the last week completely cleaning out my org after mostly being away from the site for the past few years. I've got a few thousand cards loaded for trade and a few thousand on my want list. Nothing super high end, just looking to fill some holes in my collection. I'm in the process of loading more HOF'ers/Stars in the coming week. Let me know if you guys see anything. Thanks.
Topps Master Set Builder, Dodgers and Mike Piazza Collector as well.

RE: Looking to Trade
Sent an offer
Selling my org out

RE: Looking to Trade
offer sent
Seattle Mariners super collector
I also collect some Braves players

Top wants
1 Kyle Seager            509 different cards
2 Ken Griffey, Jr.        1,044 different cards
3 Felix Hernandez      751 different cards
4 Hank Aaron            345 different cards
5 Edgar Martinez        508 different cards

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