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Please Help with Autograph ID

Please Help with Autograph ID
So here is the crazy situation. I have a ball that has a COA sticker on it from one of the big companies (I'm not here to blast them). Using their cert check is comes up as an error. I have talked to the company and they said it was a clerical error and wasn't entered in properly. They said they do not recognize the signature (but they put their COA on it) and there is nothing they can do until I find who it is. Sooooo, can anyone identify the signature on this ball? It came from a collection that spanned every sport, Hollywood, Musicians etc... Thank you in advance for your help !


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RE: Please Help with Autograph ID
That does not look familiar to me. Sorry!
I appreciate Chicago players that begin competing within the city's sports organizations and stay with these teams throughout their careers.

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