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Looking for a Puckett Auto

Looking for a Puckett Auto
I know its a shot in the dark , but would like to trade for a Puckett auto. I will open up my PC and make these available if anyone is interested.

[Image: 4eec832b-e323-48d1-a6e1-d438f9d36dbf_zpsfwffnaf3.jpg]

[Image: YuDavrish.jpg]

[Image: img172.jpg]

[Image: img007-4.jpg]

[Image: 20151119_072317_resized_zpsxgymtpse.jpg]

[Image: 20151022_094041_resized_zpsijikgv9r.jpg]

Looking for HOF auto's in Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.

Always open to trading!

Photo Bucket

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