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PC Shaq Rookie & Sophomore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)

PC Shaq Rookie & Sophomore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)
Updated 11/27/2016 with better scans, and also some new cards/autos.

I wanted to share this collection I've been working on. Trying to collect every Shaquille O'Neal 1st & 2nd year card (1992-93, and 1993-94). Instead of waiting until it's complete, figured I'd show my progress. There is a lot of pictures, so I'll upload them in phases.

I'm going for every card listed in Beckett, plus a few others that seem to have been missed. I'm excluding USA cards, jumbo cards, international/bilingual cards, sheets, broders, and such.

I've decided to store and display the cards in a binder designed to hold cards in their toploaders. Below is a picture of the binder. I'm really happy with this. I'll include more info and my feedback on the binder in this thread too.

[Image: 816085c9-2a34-4d47-aa7b-5fd4415a023d_zpscdsnmkhi.jpg]

I've organized the cards with rookie year first, then sophomore year. They are for the most part alphabetically by card company, like in Beckett's Organizer. However, I've put all the "Classic" cards together at the end.


Here is the first page, the Fleer rookie cards. Card #298, with the similar front on the Tony's Pizza version. Card #401 with the similar front on the Drake's version, and the NBA Rising Stars Magazine card. I still need the card from the Orlando "Team Night Sheet" from the Goodings supermarket chain in Florida.

[Image: 1_zpste3njobc.jpg]

Page 2, consists of Hoops and Skybox RC's.

[Image: 2_zpsjeauwmfj.jpg]

Page 3 & 4, Topps and TSC (Topps Stadium Club), including the Beam Team cards. Each has a "members only" version, and TSC #247 and Topps #362 both have Kenner Starting Line Up (SLU) cards that mirror the fronts. Not pictured is my TSC Beam Team cards which are graded.

[Image: 4_zpscaomwxxm.jpg]

[Image: 3_zps1q2oswtt.jpg]

Page 5 has one Topps Archives card, and the 3 Fleer Ultra cards.

[Image: 5_zps8yx78mou.jpg]

Page 6 & 7, here come the Upper Deck rookie cards. I need to find a new #1 SP card.

[Image: 6_zpsnrlaeo8l.jpg]

[Image: 7_zpskr3wefyq.jpg]

RE: PC Shaq Rookie & Sophemore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)
Very nice collection! Congrats on the start!

RE: PC Shaq Rookie & Sophemore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)
Page 8 starts the 1993-94 season. Finest, Finest Refractors, and Finest Main Attraction. I still need a refractor.

[Image: 8_zps5rwirnph.jpg]

Page 9 is Fleer. Not nearly as awe-inspiring as the Fleer RCs imho.

[Image: 9_zpsj8irfrdp.jpg]

Page 10 & 11 is Hoops. Most of the base cards include a 5th Anniversary Gold parallel. Also, card #155 has a "prototype" version, and a Starting Line Up card with the same front, so I grouped those together.

[Image: 10_zpsk0akekjn.jpg]

[Image: 11_zpspad8cvc7.jpg]

Page 12 has a Hoops Supreme Court card, and all the Jam Session tallboy cards. Not shown is the All Star Weekend Ticket Stub card which I own but need to find another tallboy toploader for it. This binder allows tallboys to fit into the slots, albeit a bit awkwardly.

[Image: 12_zpscbk7p5mn.jpg]

Pages 13 & 14 are Skybox. Card #133 has a "Schick" version with the same front. I think there is an All-Rookie Team promo card, unnumbered with Shaq, that I still need to find, as well as the gold version of the USA tip-off card.

[Image: 13_zpsjwbywap8.jpg]

[Image: 14_zpswelsok6x.jpg]

Page 15 is Skybox Premium Pepsi Shaq Attack. Pages 16 & 17 are Skybox Premium Shaq Talk.

[Image: 15_zpsr8xaswc9.jpg]

[Image: 16_zpsfhugoztk.jpg]

[Image: 17_zps2ooyvq3v.jpg]

Pages 18-20 are the 93-94 Topps Stadium Club cards, most of which have 4 versions: Base, First Day Issue, Members Only, and Super Teams NBA Finals.

[Image: 18_zpsdlgzsvkg.jpg]

[Image: 19_zpskkusv0t4.jpg]

[Image: 20_zpslkbdnvg1.jpg]

Pages 21-23 are 93-94 TSC, and Topps with gold parallels.

[Image: 21_zpsxsnmlziu.jpg]

[Image: 22_zpsqggxybhn.jpg]

[Image: 23_zpsggovmd6i.jpg]

RE: PC Shaq Rookie & Sophemore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)

Page 24-25 is 1993-94 Ultra. Then starts Upper Deck.

[Image: 24_zpswhfwbwza.jpg]

[Image: 25_zpsamxl9bhq.jpg]

Page 26-28 is the 1993-94 Upper Deck. Page 28 finishes the Upper Deck with MJ's Rare Air card with a prominent Shaq playing defense.

[Image: 26_zpscgaveul4.jpg]

[Image: 27_zpswrxahhek.jpg]

[Image: 28_zps7uosglsl.jpg]

Page 29 has the Panini cards from both years, the 1990-91 Kentucky Big Blue Dream Team card, the 1993 Fax Pax World of Sport card, and the 1993 Sports Illustrated for Kids card.

[Image: 29_zpscijk7k1d.jpg]


RE: PC Shaq Rookie & Sophomore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)

The rest of the binder is Shaq's Classic cards.

Page 30 starts with the 1992 Classic #1 base and gold parallel. There are 2 autographed versions, a /500 (I still need) and a /2500, though I don't know how they differ. At the bottom left is the Classic Gold /8500 autograph card.

[Image: 30_zpsblpuqcok.jpg]

Page 31 has the 1992 Classic #1 promotional card, which has two versions that have different backs: "Previews" and "Promos". The other four cards are the various versions of the 1992 Classic Four Sports #1 card: blue, grey, autographed /150 (still need), and gold.

[Image: 31_zpsbkrytojv.jpg]

Page 32 has the base and gold versions of the 1992 Classic Four Sports #318. The other four cards are versions of the Four Sports Future Superstars card, including an autograph /9500.

[Image: 32_zpsrawie72x.jpg]

Page 33 has six cards all different promotional cards having the same card front picture.

[Image: 33_zpsqw8xthzd.jpg]

Page 34 wraps up the 1992 Classics with a Four Sport LP's, incluing one with Shaq and Kareem and its autographed version /2500.

[Image: 34_zpsaezqafqi.jpg]

Pages 35-37 are the 1993 Classic cards.

[Image: 35_zpstfd6l9xg.jpg]

[Image: 36_zpsza3lr5ig.jpg]

[Image: 37_zps4oqnsz5z.jpg]

Page 38 is the 6 Tonx.

[Image: 38_zpsabjnxmf6.jpg]

Page 39 is the 1994 Classic cards, which includes an auto /500 card.

[Image: 39_zpspiyj1nwk.jpg]

Page 40-41 are some Bleachers 23 Karat Gold cards, and some supplemental cards that I think also came in the same boxes. Page 42 has some more Classic cards: 3 gold border promo cards, and some phone cards.

[Image: 40_zpsgtgmdwlm.jpg]

[Image: 41_zpsrwzizwma.jpg]

[Image: 42_zpsxyia6koc.jpg]

Page 43 has some Classic tall boys.

[Image: 43_zpscvk5ewja.jpg]

Page 44 is a serialized, autographed Hoops card that I discovered on eBay. I saw a similiar Topps card as well. Neither are listed in Beckett, so I am trying to find out more about these cards.

[Image: 44_zpsj9tbyvj7.jpg]

RE: PC Shaq Rookie & Sophomore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)
Updated the scans, and have added a few autos!

RE: PC Shaq Rookie & Sophomore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)
pure craziness in here. The autos, and MAN were 93-94 Ultra inserts on POINT with the scoring kings and power in the key. Great stuff!!
I collect Michael Jordan, Mitch Richmond, and Ohio State players (football and basketball) in OSU gear. I strongly prefer 90's-era cards and use newer cards primarily for trade bait!

[Image: buckunteer_edited-2-1.gif]

RE: PC Shaq Rookie & Sophomore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)
Great collection. Don't forget that there are 5 separate frequent flyer points cards to get. I think you have #2. I have confirmed that #3 is 11 points, #4 is 33 points, and #5 is 31 points. I have not been able to find #1. If you come across it please let me know.

RE: PC Shaq Rookie & Sophomore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)
ah no kidding, didn't know that, thanks

RE: PC Shaq Rookie & Sophomore Card Collection (Pic Heavy)
Pretty Awesome!
The Zodiac Collection
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