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Diagonal Centering How To Grade?

RE: Diagonal Centering How To Grade?
That tilt is also known as diamond cutting. This happened during the cutting process where the card sheets slid out of alignment before or as they were being cut. Personally I think a diamond cut should automatically knock the grade down one or two points, depending on severity, just like 80/20 or worse does. As strict as Beckett can be with grading though, I've seen a few BVG cards with slight to moderate diamond cuts that have graded 7 and even 8.

Reading through the standards above though, at one time years ago, back centering criteria was not so well defined. I even heard a Beckett grader state at an open house 7-8 years ago that back centering did not really matter that much. I have a 1968 Topps Bench rookie BVG 8 whose OC/MC back proves that. My point in all of this is that maybe Beckett could have refined their view on diamond cuts since then too.
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