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FT: Basketball (scan heavy)

FT: Basketball (scan heavy)
Thought I'd try and post some scans to get some trades under my belt. New to the site, excited about getting back into the hobby.

Looking for pre 1990 base-stars. I'm building a few late 1970's sets as well.

Let me know. Thanks!

Oh and I am also in need of the binder pages for my 1976-77 Topps set.

[Image: IMG_20150816_0002_zpszxrpetum.jpg][Image: IMG_20150816_0001_zpsd5pfpdcv.jpg][Image: IMG_20150816_0005_zpscwjdjkgt.jpg][Image: IMG_20150816_0003_zpsxxlqxm7n.jpg][Image: IMG_20150816_0004_zps6wfl0yyq.jpg]

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