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Vintage fakes

Vintage fakes
I've heard there are a lot out there. I've bought a few vintage Ernie Banks online, but don't think I will buy off of ebay again for vintage for fear of the fakes. Any suggestions on easy way to spot a fake in case I find some at a card show or on craig's list?
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RE: Vintage fakes
Your post is very broad, you should be a tad more specific! What cards are you talking about?
For the most part, I've only seen or heard of counterfeit vintage cards in regards to the more popular players like Mickey Mantle's 51 Bowman rc, his 52 Topps, and of course Michael Jordan's Fleer and Star RC's. There are a few websites and forums you can research that will help spot counterfeit Jordan and Mantle rc's. I really haven't seen many other fake hof and star vintage cards (that doesn't mean they don't exist, I just haven't come across them.)
Your best bet would be to always buy graded cards from one of the main three grading companies, (SGC, BGS/BVG and/or PSA). It also wouldn't hurt to become a member on some of the sportscard forums like the collectors universe (psa) forum and net52 forum. Nothing against the Beckett forum here, just not much traffic these days.

RE: Vintage fakes
Yes! Graded is one very good way to be absolutely sure - beyond opening the pack yourself.
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RE: Vintage fakes
(08-04-2015, 03:37 PM)jonathani Wrote: Yes! Graded is one very good way to be absolutely sure - beyond opening the pack yourself.
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