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1971 Thurman Munson
Hello All,

New to this yet I have a question that I hope some can answer.

I have some cards from my deceased brother's collection...for instance:

1971 Topps Card #5 Thurman Munson in NM-MT condition. I have two of those. If I were to take them into a baseball card buy/sell store, what can I expect to get for them. I see on price guides that the card could be "worth" $200 each.

Thanks for any info.
Normally, if you go into a card shop, the dealer will only pay 25% to 50% of what it is "worth". The more popular the player, and the quicker it can be sold, you might get the upper end. Thurman is a mid-range seller so you might do ok. If you're thinking you want top dollar, then I would suggest using one of the auction sites to sell them. As you will find out, there are a lot of variables to this. Good luck to you. I might be interested in one of them, dependent on condition. PM me if you're interested.
[Image: 2p7g0XL.png]
Actually I have several cards from that 1971 Topps series including the Thurman Munson that I have scanned both fronts and backs. Most are in EX and above condition. For instance I have Reggie Jackson #20, Pete Rose #100, Tom Seaver #160, Johnny Bench #250, Hank Aaron #400, Nolan Ryan #513, Ernie Banks #525, Harmon Killebrew #550, Jim Palmer #570, Tony Perez #580, Willie Mays #600, Lou Brock #625, Frank Robinson #640, Sparky Anderson #688 and a bunch of others from this set. I can send scan copies to any that are interested.

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