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***UPDATED***HUGE Garage Sale Vintage Score!! ***SCANS***
So I'm cruising Craig's List today for garage sales, and find an estate sale 5 minutes from my house with sports memorabilia and some cards for sale. I decide, what the heck. I saw a couple sealed boxes of 93 Select so I figured I'd pick those up for $5 a piece and score a couple Jeter rooks. Well, I did just that (2 up for trade in the org), but he noticed my Giants shirt and hat I was wearing. Said he had boxes of stuff inside the house and I could take a look if I wanted. I said sure, why not. We get into the room and there are moving boxes upon moving boxes of stuff. So he lets me sift through the boxes for 2 hours, even though all I'm finding is early to mid 90's junk. All of a sudden, I stumble upon this binder:
[Image: image1_2.jpg]
Flip it open and to my surprise, it's FILLED with 1976 Topps stuff! As I'm turning the pages, 2 things strike me...one, I can't believe the condition this stuff is in, and two, this is essentially the entire set, along with the traded set. I flip through about 10 pages, close it and head back outside with it. I ask the guy, "how much you want for this?" He opens it up, looks at the first two pages and says "$30 and it's yours". Done! Hand over my $40 for that and the Select boxes and run for the hills. I get home and start digging into it, and notice not only is the set nearly complete, but he had dupes, trips and even quadruplets of the cards in here! I'm still in complete shock at what I stole for $30.

I've loaded the key cards from the set in my org for trade, but a couple (the Brett and the Rose) will be a bit tougher to get off me since they didn't have dupes in there, but they aren't untouchable. If you're collecting the set or have other stuff you want from it, let me know as I've got probably 95-97% of the set. I can load whatever you need me to. Below are scans of the bigger cards up for trade. Plenty more in my org.
[Image: image2_2.jpg]
[Image: image3_1.jpg]
[Image: image4_1.jpg]
[Image: image5_1.jpg]
[Image: image6.jpg]
[Image: image7.jpg]
Courtney Hawkins Supercollector
Always looking for ones we need!
58 cards needed for 1 of each unique card made! (Non 1/1's)
Just listed all my dupes from the 1976 stuff I picked up into my org, so shoot some offers over! Also have the entire 1976 traded set in there as well!
Courtney Hawkins Supercollector
Always looking for ones we need!
58 cards needed for 1 of each unique card made! (Non 1/1's)
Awesome score. Congrats.
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

My Huge Wantlist: http://www.zeprock.com/WantList.html
Congrats on the score!!!!
[Image: Woogie%2023_zpshzmly2km.jpg]
That's a great find!!

Open offer sent, thanks!
That's a great find. I remember that set from my youth. I have none of it now, but for some reason the players' pictures struck me as iconic and I still remember what some of them look like. Thanks for the memories!
I appreciate Chicago players that begin competing within the city's sports organizations and stay with these teams throughout their careers.
now that is awesome! Nice job!
Looking to complete the 2013 Archives Mets fan favorite Au's (Just need Ron Darling) and 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen set mini base + SPs. Also working on 2015 Topps Chrome and updates. Please note that if you have less than 15 trades, I ask that you send first.
Great score...so much for integrity in the hobby Smile
Open offer sent.
[Image: kgnoza20sig202.jpg]

I collect Mattingly (any), and GU, Autos, or #d cards of Teixeira and Jeter.

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