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A few 2014 Rookies Getting Overlooked?
As we enter the part of the off-season where Baseball picks up momentum, and basketball & hockey move into the playoff push and cup/championship runs (not to mention Golf gaining steam, Nascar too, and even EPL soccer).....it seems as though these next 60 days really are the "rock bottom" of the football calendar year.

... So, while we have lots of time, and most of the BIG name free agents are building their new nests in their new cities, let's look back at some of the 2014 Rookies who either had a disappointing season, and injury-riddled season, or a season in which playing time was limited for any other reason. The purpose of this exercise is to flush out some of the names of "soon-to-be-sophomores" who could pay HUGE dividends if they play to their potential in 2015.

1. Jadavean Clowney
- No question about it, Mel Kiper gave this guy ratings that only FREAKS of nature get. Clowney could not get on the field much for obvious reasons, but if he can stay healthy, there is a VERY GOOD chance that Clowney could turn into the stud he was advertised to be. Currently, many of his base, SP, and low #'d autos can be snagged for less than $20.00!

2. Jarvis Landry
- What do you REALLY have to do in the NFL to get love? 84 Catches and 5 TD's - as a ROOKIE? This guy also had a TON of targets. in baseball, chicks dig the long ball; evidently they dig the TD in football; so, with even a moderate increase in TD catches, this guy will prove to be a FRANCHISE WR in just his 2nd season.

3. Brandin Cooks
- Drew Brees will have to find a way to re-allocate 100 catches and 12 TD's next season, and I would not be surprised if 60% or more of this is assigned to Cooks. He is fast, has good hands, and is learning to run routes. Watch out!

4. Aaron Donald
- Suh is the best in the business, but the St. Louis Rams have already made some changes to make this team ready THIS season. They now have a QB who is healthy and ready to prove that 2013 was nick Foles, not 2014. With an offense scoring points, the Defense might FINALLY be able to pin their ears back and attack! Robert Quinn and Chris Long are PRETTY DAMN good! This should make Aaron Donald something special up the middle.

5. Teddy Bridgewater
- Maybe TB is not completely overlooked, but he very well COULD be a franchise QB! Some say Teddy was one of the best QB's in football in the last month or two of the season....Will this carry into 2015? I think Minnesota has made some positive moves, and Bridgewater could lead them into a Wildcard spot as early as 2015!

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I like your Cook and Donald picks! Others to watch: Davante Adams, Chris Borland
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In my opinion, this is a good time to get a high end card of Clowney. Prices are very reasonable.
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Jarvis Landry is the real deal... they guy's effort level and heart and the things to look for when you're looking for a future star. He reminds me a lot of Hartline in '09, only with a lot more talent.

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