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Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)

RE: Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)
(03-03-2015, 07:50 PM)rob024420 Wrote: natejeffries: Let me address each one of these individually

Let you down? Yes, and anyone who had faith in him as a player, role model, and man.

How about he let himself down, his team down and his family down. Yes he did.

But he is only directly hurting himself. Incorrect: He hurt his family, friends, the Angels, and baseball

He didn't assault anybody or rape anybody. Never said that he did. Not what this is about.

He is not accused of taking PED's. Never said that he did. Not what this is about.

This guy has personal addiction problems that he has to overcome for himself not for you. Not asking him to overcome anything for me. He should have the motivation to do it for himself and his family.

His personal health and well being should be of concern to you if you actually care about him and root for him as a player. It is definitely a concern to me, makes me sick, not because of the cards, because I just knew he would turn it around. He still might.

That Home Run Derby performance didn't disappear from history. True

If you were collecting him as an investment, that's a risk that you take with any player. I was not.

Any one of these guys can break their shoulder, ruin their knee, or pull a hamstring and end their careers. True

But they don't owe you and they aren't letting you down. I am not saying they owe me anything but he has let me down.

That is the right way to handle things. Glad to see you address his opinion directly and respectfully. Sometimes people will just attack, but you did the right thing by backing your points. I agree 100% with you guys. If Rob put money, time, and his faith in someone, they directly let them down by letting their demons win. I respect Josh, but he needs to get clean for himself and the team that is giving him millions of dollars, the fans that love him, and the family that support him.
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Also collecting the top prospects for the Sox.
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RE: Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)
As my sig shows, I'm still a Bonds super collector (just ask Rich haha). I understand how players can let you down or not turn out to what you thought they were going to be, but to me, a PC is just that...a personal collection. I understand Bonds may never make the HOF and will forever have a black mark on his name, but I grew up watching him. Saw him play at Arizona St. as a kid when I lived 5 minutes from Tempe and latched onto him then. My collection may not be nearly as valuable as it once was, and if I were ever in a spot to where I'd have to sell it, I realize I wouldn't get a fraction of what it is worth, but to me, he's still the one I collect and forever will. The thrill of having a collection that big and continuing the chase are the reasons I keep chasing him, no matter what people think of him.
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RE: Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)
I understand your problem with Hamilton, the drug issues and all, but I don't think I understand your argument overall. Did Oswalt and Bay have some moral issues that I don't know about? Or are you just unhappy that they didn't become Jeter and all the $10 cards you bought are worth $80 now. Did you enjoy watching them play?
I still collect Kordell Stewart from the steelers. Things didn't really pan out for me, $$$ wise, but I still buy and trade for his cards because I LOVED watching him play. He brought excitement to the steelers, offensively, when there was zero. I was unhappy for him, the steelers, and my collection when his play forced the steelers to go in another direction but I collect him because I loved him as a player while he was THE PLAYER and still do because I remember that time.
Maybe you should concentrate on a player like Ryne, a blue chip stock that won't rise or fall much, and put a smaller part of your collecting budget into prospecting. When you need a low dollar card to even out a trade grab a prospect or perhaps chase sets. Every time I finish a set I get a sense of accomplishment and I know that years from know I will have at least one RC of the key player from that year.
My post is now longer than yours. Time to stop.

i wrote all this before I read all the responses. It's not all about the money or the moral issues but a combination of both? I guess I'm confused because of the other players you mentioned.
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RE: Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)
Just collect players you love to collect for the fun of it. Collect the players you enjoy watching and grew up on, you don't need to spend a ton of money to have a great pc collection. Perfect example for me is my Goldschmidt collection, I only have 11 autos and 1 1/1 but I have almost every base card in existence for him. I know the base cards and inserts will never be worth a ton but I don't care. I enjoy collecting his base far more than I do collecting all his autos and rare stuff. The reason being is I don't have to break the bank to get base cards and it's revitalized my excitement for collecting. Find what gives you the most enjoyment and stick to it! I loved Bobby Bonilla and collect all his Pirates cards, most of his cards are less than a quarter lol, but he was my favorite growing up.
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RE: Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)
Well said lecreccio and ryanmo

RE: Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)
Allow me to make you feel better...as a Die Hard Bears fan....enough said. Haha
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RE: Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)
i feel the pain i have a nice pc of his, its frustrating to see that this happened to him. he was a nice guy and has just been plagued with injuries last few years and has had horrible #'s. he will get back on track when he gets help or gets back on the right path with GOD. he can do it. but addiction is like a tat its permenant, a relapse is bound to happen. respect the man for going to mlb and admitting it before he got caught and went hiding.
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RE: Frustrated with the collecting choices I have made (long read)
that's why im happy I collect retired players. I know about their careers.
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then I collect hellickson. not expensive. a few awards. hoping for a decent year
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