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Couple things for trade. Updated! Added more!
Will add more as I take pics.
[Image: ecba9f34ec1dd98e6493736e85750033_zps0bb2690b.jpg]
[Image: c9af54947d503affc663b311d19fd65d_zpsdf3001aa.jpg]
[Image: 4d07898b53d79d35ff5900283a1b2ce1_zpsb80157f0.jpg]
[Image: 1f71908816c14196cfbc1694387eb0fa_zps54b97546.jpg]
[Image: 66aa96144256e1b4d3e990ef4e6773a2_zps9e116afc.jpg]
[Image: f9f92960dd631f394f7076e021b878fb_zps02af97ff.jpg]
[Image: 8ab981d54bde0e405047e7053bb4ae1b_zpscbe55bc8.jpg]

Twins auto ball
[Image: 80e1ec0f825d42bf1cb05ef628c15233_zps6acd0cfe.jpg]
[Image: 56a784875dc3ec7422717362a2cd6108_zps83da4e8c.jpg]
[Image: f1169203bb87edda0cf70b3543caf224_zps94f0bfb5.jpg]
[Image: 3b9cff57a88202e34a64f01293157900_zps2bbbcb10.jpg]
[Image: 47397f6e672dc78f719d1aaf3b4b9819_zpsc4c05ea2.jpg]
[Image: 8ed81ece3434931ccb815c2c517d8555_zps1f9c5884.jpg]
[Image: ed57db1c1d98717c1bf43448f1b90be7_zps7e09fca7.jpg]
[Image: 08159004801b0dae4fbd2073e86652d0_zpsb958028d.jpg]
[Image: ed2317ad6d4411acf97c5d3e99e88133_zpscdd84e36.jpg]
[Image: 58650d5501f755b07645e18aacc12729_zpsa74d750f.jpg]
[Image: 655aa43bc04e7a4fe22e1c66bdf8b57d_zpse602af35.jpg]
That's just an awesome Joe piece. Curious what ur asking for it. And Heyward?
(02-10-2015, 09:16 PM)snappyjoe75 Wrote: That's just an awesome Joe piece. Curious what ur asking for it. And Heyward?
PM you in a min.

please put me on the list for the Joe D. Thanks-
Collecting Derek Jeter - primarily 1996 and earlier but will consider anything

That Joe D is awesome. Is it authenticated?
Looking for HOF auto's in Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.

Always open to trading!

Photo Bucket
PM me on Heyward bat
My Website: thepointguard.weebly.com
Also Collecting: Five Star Autos, '50s Topps Sets
Current Top Wants: '15 Chipper Jones & Other Five Star Autos
[Image: PGBanner_zps899b0bff.jpg]

The ball is authenticated. I got the 8x10 signed in person at the Italian hof dinner in Palm Beach FL., when I was a kid. Both the Joe and the Heyward are pending right now.
Any takers?
weekend bump
What are you looking for on the Twins ball?
Courtney Hawkins Supercollector
Always looking for ones we need!
58 cards needed for 1 of each unique card made! (Non 1/1's)

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