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1m dollar collection on roadshow
im sure a lot of you may have heard about this, but I found it very cool. little old lady has one million $ in baseball cards from the 1870's and did not know it. good read.
Yeah, read about it earlier today. What I love about it is some joker offered her $5,000 for the collection and that is what made her go get it appraised. Good for her!
That's awesome. I hadn't read about it yet, but so happy to hear that she didn't take the $5,000 someone offered to her and that the offer made her want to get a real appraisal.
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Olberman just said on his show the appraisal was a joke. The cards are nowhere near that much. He said they were rare but not close to that much money. He said he has dozens of them in his collection.
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Interesting. The $1 million appraisal sounds too high. The Spalding letter is really cool though.
very specific things here:

the appraiser said she should insure the collection for 1 million dollars. now, that is a far different than a retail market valuation (rmv), or even a real sell value. insured values are always much higher than the other two numbers

second point: this is done for TV, and ARS has always throw out big numbers every once in a while to generate ratings. pawn shows do the same thing

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