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Trading these Baseball for Football
I'm back in the hobby, looking to get rid of my few remaining Baseball cards for Football..

2006 SPx Matt Cain Auto /999
2006 SP Authentic Matt Cain Auto /399
2006 SPx SPxciting Signature Matt Cain Auto /30
1994 SP Alex Rodriguez Foil rc

What are you looking for in Football? I sold my last football collection last year but I found a box I overlooked with a bunch of Gronk patch auto rc's, Stephen Ridley patch auto rc's and a whole bunch of random star base rc's from the 2010's with some parallels and variations. Also a bunch of Brett Favre rc's and players from that era.
I would be interested in the AROD. I bought a couple of boxes of 2014 bowman sterling football so I have some stuff I can trade. What are you looking for?
what are you looking for as I have a ton of fb I'm willing to trade.
Selling my org out
(01-04-2015, 10:43 PM)leadmetogreatness Wrote: what are you looking for as I have a ton of fb I'm willing to trade.
I'm looking for Auto's, GU, RCS . I will look at your org then.

I got lots of football if you want any send me an offer
Still looking to deal these for Football. Any marks are on the case not card

 photo CBEFD68C-9636-45B7-852E-688850EB8C31-2748-000002440FBE667F.jpg

[Image: AB0D0071-5F9F-423F-9A42-1E2CAE52B0CF-274...E39C39.jpg]

Feel free to check my org for these
Looking for Kris Bryant colors, Goldy rookies, Correa rookies, Joc rookies and other prospects and rookie autos!
(01-06-2015, 06:33 PM)dmbcrush22 Wrote: Feel free to check my org for these

Sorry didn't see anything I could use..

I still have the Arod rc, and Cain SPxciting auto.

Still have these two anyone interested


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