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Anyone down for a little low endish trading
Not big baller rookie patch auto mojo....but........still some cool cards IMO!

[Image: a57aaa4be8797f0f0cda4454d4d438d1_zps6e4f3c92.jpg]

[Image: d1bc9024a6cc0d1a3d163b941f146c4d_zps0465d45e.jpg]

[Image: 9878d4c2c8752764d8660d251fdfe27f_zps2a847d72.jpg]

[Image: 6692f2318f2394d199b01fef0c52a7b4_zpsb6f152e7.jpg]
[Image: 087d168e4e5a8a1c7da9b423207d5cbd_zps3e82d91d.jpg]
Check me out for the ichiros!
Looking for Kris Bryant colors, Goldy rookies, Correa rookies, Joc rookies and other prospects and rookie autos!
i need that sparkle card and the 2011 photo variations pm me so we can work out a deal
all still available for now
finally a low end trade on here...... offer sent
Looking to complete the 2013 Archives Mets fan favorite Au's (Just need Ron Darling) and 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen set mini base + SPs. Also working on 2015 Topps Chrome and updates. Please note that if you have less than 15 trades, I ask that you send first.

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